Any adventurers that pre-order a copy of Who We Are In Real Life before release on February 6th will receive the following digital bundle of loot:

  • A printable poster, commissioned from a local artist
  • POV character playlists, specially curated to immerse you in the story
  • A deleted scene, written but scrapped during earlier drafts
  • A beginner D&D one-shot, created by Victoria and set in the novel
  • and A heartfelt thank you letter, signed, sealed, and delivered from Victoria to you!

Additionally, anyone who pre-orders through our local partners at The Penny University will also receive a signed copy of the book!

  1. Want a signed copy? Email The Penny University using their online contact form (linked below) to pre-order and they will assist you with all next steps!
  2. Ordering elsewhere? That’s okay! You’ll still receive a copy of Who We Are In Real Life from your chosen store, as well as a digital bundle on release day. If you pre-order from anywhere besides our indie partner, see below!
    1. Order your copy of Who We Are In Real Life.
    2. Save your receipt digitally (screenshot, save to your device, or take a photo of your physical receipt—please ensure we can see the title of the novel in the photo).
    3. Complete the following form and upload your proof of purchase below. You will be sent a confirmation email upon submission and your digital loot will arrive in your inbox on release day. Just like magic. (If you run into any snags, please Contact Us.)
    4. Sit back and eagerly await the arrival of your book and digital bundle. Oh and tell all your friends!