Flowers, Falling, and Other Near Death Experiences

Glass crunches beneath Meg’s new white sneakers. She jumps. The sound is sharper and louder in the abandoned halls. Meg looks down. She moves her shoe; angry cracks spider-web across the surface of a broken mirror. In the shards, her eyebrows knit together. When she shines her flashlight down, the light fractures and illuminates the … Continue reading Flowers, Falling, and Other Near Death Experiences

To Treat a Moonburn

Moonburns are much worse than sunburns, thought the Astrographer apprentice. He tore a bandage and wrapped the fabric around his throbbing hand. Dressing his wound was a temporary solution, loose and hasty, but his poor medical skills would have to do. He had samples to return. The balloon craft bounced as he stepped aboard. Once … Continue reading To Treat a Moonburn